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Supporting the whole child is integral for each student to grow and thrive during this transitional age.

Learning in Edina Public Schools’ two middle schools is a time of growth and discovery. Each provides an individualized learning experience for students gr. 6-8 with a wide variety of content area exploratories and  opportunity for student choice.

We work to engage every student in the process of learning by having high expectations for all and providing support that helps students achieve at their highest potential.

Edina’s two middle schools offer an enthusiastic and challenging learning experience with a focus on exploratory learning and team teaching structures.
Learning Space
Recent building enhancements have created flexible learning spaces where we offer students creative and innovative opportunities to learn core standards, and to grow personally in understanding how they learn best.
Valley View

Our school consists of approximately 1,000 students in grades 6-8 with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests. We strive to provide an environment that is inclusive, understanding and safe. We believe students learn best when they have a voice in their learning and are offered choice in their pathway. Every aspect of teaching is designed to build a positive relationship with students, as well as lessons that are targeted to meet learners’ individual needs and abilities.

Students walking down the hall in Edina attire